Access to Justice and Rule of Law

Vocational training participants in PoC3, Juba



Rule of law is a core pillar of UNDP’s work, and is critical to peacebuilding. During a crisis, national and local capacities must be empowered to tackle impunity and respond to immediate justice and security needs. In the aftermath of crisis, and in fragile situations, unobstructed access to legitimate rule of law institutions is a decisive factor in efforts to rebuild societies, and prevent a downward spiral into violence or conflict. UNDP’s engagement in this area seeks to enhance physical and legal protection of people and communities, ensuring legal representation, access to justice, and empowerment of communities and civil society. Programmes work to develop capacities of justice and law enforcement institutions, and ensure that security providers are subject to civilian oversight. Emphasis is placed on tackling sexual and gender-based violence in situations affected by conflict and fragility.


  1. Functions and capacity of rule of law institutions enabled to deliver accountable, effective and equitable justice services.
  2. Measures in place and implemented in the rule of law and health sectors to prevent and respond to sexual and gender-based violence.
  3. Human rights and transitional justice mechanisms strengthened to monitor and respond to the promotion and protection of citizen's rights.


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