Community Members Talk about Peace in Duk Padiet

May 27, 2017

Commissioner of Duk Padiet, Hon. Michael Malual Wuor, shaking hands with Commissioner of Ayod South, Hon. James Chuol Jiek, demonstrating their commitment to the community-led dialogue. Photo: UNDP

Chiefs of Duk Padiet, Ayod South and Ayod Central called a community peace dialogue to address ongoing conflict between Dinka Hol and Gawier Nuer in Duk Padiet, Jonglei state. More than 80 community members, including chiefs, youth and women representatives, religious leaders and traders came together to discuss freedom of movement, cattle theft and road ambushes between the communities. The Commissioners of Duk Padiet, Hon. Michael Malual Wuor, Ayod South, Hon. Gabriel Ganor, and Ayod Central, Hon. James Chuol Jiek, attended the dialogue and ensured their commitment to the community led process.

“The resolutions we arrived at during this dialogue concern the problems in our daily life,” said the Commissioner of Duk Padiet, Hon. Michael Malual Wuor. “Those resolutions were coming from you [community members]. If the recommendations are implemented, we will live peacefully. […] I am urging all the chiefs and youth leaders to reach out to people to make sure that all resolutions are implemented […],” he continued.

During his intervention, the Paramount Chief of Duk Padiet, Deng Mabur Malual, highlighted the importance of taking responsibility to achieve peace.

“What we have been talking about is all peace […]. I am happy about all the discussions and the peace activities that the meeting came out with. If all this will be implemented by the respective responsibility holders the three communities will live in peace. I accept responsibilities given to me,” he said.

“The two day dialogue event is the beginning of a longer dialogue process which aims to further strengthen the ties between the communities,” expressed some community members.

“After this meeting we will all work for peace collectively. If there is something that is going wrong on the side of Ayod you must be very open with me and tell me what it is. Also if someone from your side has gone outside the law, I will also be open to you and we will solve it,” said the Paramount Chief of Ayod South, Thungthong Chaar. 

“This is the beginning of peace. The people of Lou, Gawier and Padiet have always been talking peace. And if they begin something they don’t leave it there” added the Commissioner of Ayod Central, Hon. Gabriel Ganor.

Women during group workWomen representatives discussing the topic of cattle theft during a group work exercise. Photo: UNDP

The dialogue meeting was supported by UNDP’s Peace and Community Cohesion (PaCC) project with funding from the Government of Japan and USAID through its VISTAS programme.

“Peace activities such as community dialogues are an important part of development work. UNDP confirms its commitment to provide continued support to the dialogue process,” said Julia Odumuyiwa, Peacebuilding Specialist with UNDP’s Peace and Community Cohesion project.

At the end of the dialogue, the participants agreed upon key recommendations and action points. One of the next agreed steps is to hold a follow-up dialogue aiming for wider inclusion. Other recommendations included holding of quarterly meetings, establishment of an FM radio station to air peace messages in Nuer and Dinka, formation of a joint police unit and establishment of a joint border court.

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