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WEEKLY MEDIA ECONOMIC DIGEST 21st -27th October 2016

Weekly Media Economic Digest 21st -27th October 2016

Nov 7, 2016

S. Sudanese urge communications networks to reduce tariffs charges; Banks in Juba limit cash withdrawal to 50,000 SSP per week; Currency depreciation causes poverty; Oil prices may rise in 2017 – World Bank; Insecurity affects market supply; Aweil fuel prices fall; Traders Unhappy About Market and Bus Park Relocation In Torit; South Sudan to crackdown on counterfeit mobile phones; South Sudanese security operatives arrest bank manager; Hipster coffee boom sends buyers to conflict zones; Sudan seizes two commercial vehicles traveling to S. Sudan; Government calls for United Nation’s help to recover country’s economy; Kenya mulls stimulus package for South Sudan; Taban Deng says public funds wasted through ‘negative attitudes’; Fifa money row; Kapoeta taxpayers demand accountability; Interpol arrest warrant for ivory trade suspects; How can S Sudan realize the 17 UN SDGs?;  Activist says Sustainable Development Goals crucial for South Sudan’s economy; Women Organizations, Universities, Private Sector, Civil Society and Media validate consultations on Sustainable Development Goals in South Sudan; South Sudan Conducts National Consultation on Goal 4 of the Sustainable Development Goals; The Republic of South Sudan commits to increase the percentage of government budget allocation to the Ministry of Health from 4.2% to 10% by 2015; South Sudan Youth & Sustainable Development Goals. 

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