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Gender Justice Served Against Sexual Assault at South Sudan’s GBV Court

“I had to do my part, I had to go to the police and report this crime.” A survivor recounts taking their case to South Sudan's GBV Court.  

Increasing Responsiveness to GBV Cases at Torit Special Protection Unit

The GBV desk office of the Special Protection Unit in Torit reported more than 40 GBV cases in November 2020, prompting a series of mentorship sessions supported by UNDP.  

Study on the Traditional and Changing Role of Gender and Women in Peacebuilding in South Sudan

The purpose of the study is to research how the traditional and changing roles of women/girls and men/boys, conflict dynamics in South Sudan and to recommend possible further peace initiatives.  

Empowering GBV Survivors and Returnees for Inclusive Social Cohesion in Magwi

The group comprises of SGBV survivors and returnees trained in entrepreneurship development skills and starting their own businesses. Download and listen to their stories.  

Mobile Courts in South Sudan

South Sudan’s legal system has been seriously neglected due to decades of conflict: lack of court infrastructure and justice services in remote areas; increased unaddressed cases and lengthy periods…  

Juba Central Prison VTC: Impact Stories

With the goal to help transform prisons in South Sudan into institutions for reform and reintegration, the Access to Justice and Rule of Law project helped establish a Vocational Training Centre in…  

Law enforcement and justice chain institutions in South Sudan examine ways to tackle Sexual and Gender Based Violence in the country

Forty judges, investigators, prosecutors and social workers countrywide, among them seven women, started a five-day training in Juba – Landmark Hotel - to enhance and upgrade their professional…  

Endline Study on Peace, Security and Sexual and Gender Based Violence in South Sudan

The study analyses progress on indicators from the 2015 baseline survey, and expanded to include indicators on access to justice and rule of law and Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), number 16.  

Launch of a Pocket Guide on Gender Equality and SGBV in South Sudan

UNDP in collaboration with HRI launched a pocket guide to transform and scale up gender legal framework.  

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