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Study on the Traditional and Changing Role of Gender and Women in Peacebuilding in South Sudan

This report is the result of a short-term study on the traditional and changing roles of gender and women in peace-building. The study involved field research in five locations (Aweil, Bentiu, Bor,…  

Improving Access to Justice to Build Resilience

UNDP is committed to building strong institutions and resilience in South Sudan through the Access to Justice, Security and Human Rights Programme. Here is a snapshot of our work so far.  

Building Bridges and Breaking Barriers

Emerging from years of conflict and war, communities in South Sudan are determined to build back stronger and better together. Read on to find out how.  

Policy leaders come together to explore ways to improve governance systems

Over a four-day workshop held in Juba, key policy leaders and implementers engaged in an open dialogue to enhance the country’s presidential and federal systems.  

Athletes champion strong messages of peace from this year’s National Unity Day celebrations

During the fifth National Unity Day celebrations, a series of workshops for athletes were held to promote peace, reconciliation, unity, and social cohesion. These are some of the key messages they are…  

Amplifying the Role of Community Radios in Promoting Peaceful Co-Existence

Community Media Network South Sudan (COMNeTSS) in collaboration with UNESCO and UNDP with support from KOICA organized a Peace Conference on 12 February 2020 attended by 65 participants.  

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