Democratic governance
and stabilization

The new masonry and carpentry sections of the livelihood training center in PoC3 in Juba can now include more trainees (UNDP South Sudan, 2018)


UNDP has committed significant human, technical and financial resources to improving the performance of government institutions and processes. State-building is at the heart of UNDP’s commitment to South Sudan. The Democratic Governance and Stabilisation Programme supports South Sudan as it builds democratic institutions and establishes sustainable, accountable and transparent governance and rule of law systems through the following projects:

Access to Justice and Rule of Law

UNDP’s engagement in this area seeks to enhance physical and legal protection of people and communities, ensuring legal representation, access to justice, and empowerment of communities and civil society. Programmes work to develop capacities of justice and law enforcement institutions, and ensure that security providers are subject to civilian oversight. Emphasis is placed on tackling sexual and gender-based violence in situations affected by conflict and fragility.

Peace and Community Cohesion Project (PaCC)

The Peace and Community Cohesion project (PaCC) seeks to contribute to the reduction and mitigation of community level conflict and insecurity by investing in initiatives that address key drivers of conflict and insecurity.

Support to Democracy and Participation

UNDP supports civil society, media, and faith-based organisations to establish mechanisms for discourse on a national vision, civil rights and political governance in the context of constitutional review and deepening democratic governance.

Support to Public Administration - IGAD-RSS Regional Initiative

The Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) offers an innovative South to South cooperation approach to increase capacity development in fragile states. It’s an initiative between South Sudan, on the one hand, and Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, and Norway, on the other, with technical support from the United Nation’s Development Programme.

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