Balázs Horváth, UNDP Country Director, Basic Computer Training completion ceremony, Juba, South Sudan

Nov 30, 2012

- Right Honourable Speaker of the Council of States, Hon. Joseph Bol Chan

- Right Honorable Clerk of the Council of States, Hon. Afram Wani Peter

- Dear Participants,

- Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the United Nations Development Programme, I am honoured to be here to commemorate the completion of this training.  UNDP is pleased to support the provision of 20 laptop computers, the training of Members and staff of the Council of States on Basic Computer Skills.

Established under Article 54 of the Transitional Constitution of Republic South Sudan, The Council of States is a critical organ of the National Legislature Assembly, providing oversight and support to the States.  At the same time, the South Sudan Development Plan also commits the Government to “ensuring an independent and effective legislature, which is able to hold the executive to account, and an independent judiciary to uphold the rule of law and protect the rights of citizens.” 

For a modern Parliament to truly perform its functions, it needs staff who are qualified and appropriately trained to meet the challenges. Staff need to address emerging issues and adapt quickly to the constantly changing working environment. As part of its Support to the Democracy and Participation Programme, UNDP supports the training of the members and staff of the Council of States in basic computer skills. This enables them to efficiently perform their job responsibilities, actively participate in the Council of State activities, and to communicate with national and international partners.

Computer literacy is essential in today’s global environment.  It enables members and staff to respond to the needs of Government in a timely manner, conduct research on parliamentary topics, manage the operationalization of the Council of States, promote the work of the Council, and have the skills to become leaders in nationbuilding.

Conducted by two UNDP staff members, this rigorous 45-day training covered various computer applications ranging from writing specialized documents and preparing professional PowerPoint presentations to using spreadsheets and managing electronic communications. The highly dedicated participants took part in these trainings outside of their normal working hours.

Ladies and Gentlemen, UNDP is committed to supporting the Government of the Republic of South Sudan in implementing its Medium-term Capacity Development Strategy. Trainings like this demonstrate our commitment to build long-term institutional capacity.   UNDP will continue its support to the Council of States and looks forward to seeing the development and institutionalization of a modern, e-governance system. 

I applaud the Council of States for its commendable work in building the capacity of its members and staff.  Let me congratulate the men and women who participated in this rigorous training. You have successfully completed this training while continuing your job responsibilities, and have acquired new skills.  Together, we can work towards building a peaceful, democratic, just and prosperous South Sudan.

Thank you very much.

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