SSNPS and UNDP train traffic police officers in advanced road signs and accident management skills

Mar 30, 2017

Course participant shaking hands with the Deputy IGP after receiving certificate of course completion

The South Sudan National Police Service (SSNPS) in partnership with UNDP’s Access to Justice and Rule of Law project and with funding from the Government of Japan has just concluded the training of 39 traffic police officers, including 9 females, at the Regency Hotel in Juba.

The officers, all drawn from the traffic Department of Jubek State, are in the ranks of Lieutenant, Sergeant, Corporal and Constables.

The five-day training focused on theoretical and practical aspects of specialized knowledge and skills of administering first aid assistance to traffic road accident victims, investigation of traffic offenses, interpretation of road signs and traffic lights.

On the importance of the training, UNMISS Police Commissioner, Bruce Munyabo stated: “to be a traffic officer requires a lot of sacrifice, high skills and discipline, and your role is critical because it saves lives and creates the visibility of the police force.”

Dr. Rowland Cole, United Nations Development Programme Senior Rule of Law Advisor, underscored the fact that the course forms part of a continuous training for the traffic police, urging participants to make use of their skills. ”Having been highly trained, it is now your duty to put the skills you have learnt into practice and to also to serve as trainers for your colleagues,” he noted.

“Juba Municipality is increasingly experiencing urbanization and expansion in human activity including increased road usage and accidents. With a rapidly growing numbers of cars and an increasing accident toll on our roads, there is a growing need for well-trained and knowledgeable traffic police officers.” Remarked Brig. Salah Selim Khamis, Public Relations Officer, SSNPS Traffic Police. He said: “The trainees have been equipped with practical investigation on road traffic accidents involving death and injury, as well as serious violations, including processing of violation reports.”

According to Brig. Salah Selim, road accidents leading to death in the past two years, 2015-2016, reached 254 cases, while serious injuries reached 423 cases. Damage to property registered in the same period recorded 2184 cases, and accidents that occurred as a result of the influence of Alcohol reached 1494 cases.

Addressing participants, the Deputy Inspector General of South Sudan National Police Service Lieut. General, James Fuj, said that plans are underway to reform the SSNPS. He stated: “The new IGP and I have plans to bring fundamental reforms to the police in South Sudan, including fighting corruption, enhancing the way we manage our traffic rules and regulations as well as addressing issues of unfair promotions.”

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