UNDP hands over new marketplace to local authorities, beneficiaries and host communities in Jondoru, Rejaf County

Aug 17, 2017

UNDP Country Director, Dr. Kamil Kamaluddeen (right), shakes hands while handing over the Peace Market ownership documents to the Deputy Commissioner of Rajaf County, Hon Gasim Oresto, in the presence of Chairperson of South Sudan Reconciliation Commission Hon Chuol Rambang(center), county executives and members of Jondoru community in the background.

UNDP Country Director, Dr. Kamil Kamaluddeen, accompanied by the Chairperson of South Sudan Peace and Reconciliation Commission Hon Chuol Rambang and the Deputy Commissioner of Rajaf West County, Hon Gasim Oresto, officially launched the new Jondoru Peace Market in Rejaf County.

“As a means of everyday interaction, we expect this market to help strengthen relations by increasing community interdependence, just as shared resources, cultural exchange, migration, infrastructure, and education can do,” said Dr. Kamaluddeen while speaking during the handover ceremony.

Following July 2016 crisis, Rejaf payam witnessed disruption to the local small-scale economic livelihoods, community social networks and the arrival of thousands of displaced households. The new market, constructed jointly by UNDP and DFID, was identified by the local community as a space that connects both the local host community, and the newly-arrived internally displaced persons.

“This market does not belong to UNDP, it is a community resource. We are happy to have been part and parcel of the partnership that has brought this about and I am impressed that Jondoru youth, men, and women are here, and the government is represented. This is how it should be; we should continue to work together for peace and for the progress of our people,” Dr. Kamaluddeen stated.

In turn, the Deputy Commissioner of Rejaf County Hon Gasim Oresto presented on behalf of the County Commissioner his heartfelt thanks to UNDP, DFID, as well as to all other entities and people which were instrumental to the completion of the construction work.

The marketplace consists of 72 stalls, each 2 meters wide, with adequate storage facilities, a toilet block, a vegetable washing area with 12 wash basins, an elevated water tank, and a solar lighting system, and is expected to serve approximately nine thousand residents. 115 women and 20 youths have already been trained in basic business and entrepreneurial skills as part of those who will run the stalls in the market.

Addressing his fellow citizens in Arabic during the handover ceremony, Hon Chuol Rambang asked them to cherish the marketplace as their own baby child, the best way for them to express full gratitude to UNDP, the people of the United Kingdom, and Rajaf County officials and entities which helped them obtain their very own marketplace in Jondoru.

The market will facilitate easier access to farm produce from farmers growing crops along river Kor Romla and thus as a connector of the communities across the river and those within Juba county who will access the market to buy food. This will help address some of the food challenges Juba is currently facing.

The Peace and Community Cohesion (PACC) project of UNDP will work closely with the Inclusive Livelihoods initiative project of UNDP in order to ensure the market remains economically viable and supports the families of the women and youth who were selected to run their businesses in the market. 

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