39 Traffic Police Officers Begin Training in Traffic and Road Safety Management

Mar 20, 2017

Police Officers attend the training in Traffic and Road Safety Management, Photo: UNDP

A five-day long training in traffic and road safety management for traffic police officers from Jubek state, kicked off in Juba today. The training is being facilitated by the South Sudan National Police Service (SSNPS) in partnership with UNDP’s Access to Justice and Rule of Law project.

The opening ceremony was attended by senior SSNPS Traffic Police officers, and officers from the UN Police Division of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS).

The 39 officers, including 9 females, upon completion of the training program, would have acquired and mastered several key aspects of traffic enforcement, first aid response, accident investigations, infractions of traffic rules and regulations, and traffic related behavioral topics, thus achieving a high level of professionalism for themselves as well as for the Traffic Department in Jubek state.

Welcoming the participants, Major General Lojang Kamba, Deputy Director General of National Traffic Police, urged the officers to strictly put in practice the acquired traffic rules and regulations, stating that traffic officers “should not show any leniency in implementing rules and regulations, which have been passed by the Government.”

He further noted that, “We in the Traffic Department should treat people equally, fairly and with respect, and in particular, by paying additional attention to the vulnerable, the elderly, and the disabled people.”

Also addressing the participants, Brig. Salah Selim Khamis, Public Relations Officer, Traffic Police, stated that “UNDP’s Access to Justice Project is giving you the opportunity to be trained in advanced traffic management skills including investigation of traffic offenses, road signs and traffic lights.”

On behalf of UNDP, Dr. Rowland Cole, Senior Rule of Law Advisor, stated, “The subjects and topics selected for the training were purposely and deliberately selected, having regard to the fact that Juba has witnessed tremendous growth in population road usage.” He further noted that, “the traffic police need to be able to transfer their skills, as they prepare for the challenges ahead.”

The Access to Justice Project promotes access to justice and strengthens rule of law institutions through interventions at the institutional and community level through a sector-wide, holistic approach designed to increase the availability, adaptability, and acceptability of justice services in South Sudan.

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