Her Voice, Her Action!

Mar 15, 2017

Elizabeth Ngor, the Regional Director for South Sudan Mother and Child Care Organisation, and Paleki Ayang, Executive Director of South Sudan Women’s Empowerment Network (SSWEN) are attending the 61st Commission on the Status of Women in New York (12 to 17 March, 2017).  They will take this opportunity to speak out on the status of women and children of South Sudan and the broader work of civil society organizations. At the same time, through their participation in key events, they will be exposed to new opportunities and developments presented by participants across the globe.  Elizabeth and Paleki will be sharing their experience and findings with the wider civil society network in South Sudan upon their return.  

For this occasion, UNDP South Sudan is presenting "Her Voice, Her Action", a short documentary series of three episodes which show how with hard work and dedication women's empowerment in South Sudan can be achieved.

You can watch them here and on our  YouTube Channel.

Justice for Women in Aweil

Elisabeth Ngor is the Regional Director of South Sudan Mother and Child Care Organization in Aweil, and one of the protagonists of "Her Voice, Her Action". In this episode, Elisabeth presents the challenges that women are facing in her state and how, with UNDP supporting her in several occasions, she is managing to help them to overcome obstacles.

Representing Communities

Hon. Jasmine Samuel is a Member of the Parliament at the National Legislative Assembly, and Paleki Ayang is the Executive Director of South Sudan Women’s Empowerment Network (SSWEN). In this episode, Paleki and Hon. Jasmine tell us why they became powerful women and how they are using their positions to support women. In Paleki’s case, she highlights the role of women in the transitional justice process in South Sudan, while Hon. Jasmine explains how she tries to help women to earn their living.

Women Entrepreneurs

Martha Abari Barthalamew is a young South Sudanese entrepreneur woman who after participating in a UNDP Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development programme, feels strong to make a living with her shop and has big plans for the future as a business women. Yine Yenki is the co-founder of GoGirls-ICT Initiative, a project which won third place and received USD 4,000 at The Youth Innovation Challenge for Peace organized by UNDP in South Sudan. She is engaging, educating and empowering women and girls in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, through a philosophy of chain-based trainings.

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