Women Organizations, Universities, Private Sector, Civil Society and Media validate consultations on Sustainable Development Goals in South Sudan

Oct 27, 2016

Women hold SDG posters

The United Nations Development Programme and the South Sudanese Network for Democracy and Elections (SSUNDE) are organizing a series of validation workshops in Juba together with the aim of raising awareness and engaging on the global goals for sustainable development.

After undertaking a consultation with students from seven universities across the country, the private sector, civil organizations, women organizations and the media, the workshops are meant to reflect on the outcomes of the consultation with each group and forge a way forward.

During the consultation, all the participants were asked three questions in regard to the relevance of the Sustainable Development Goals to their own aspirations, as well as to the aspirations of their nation and their continent:

Which of the 17 goals speak to your Own Goals that you recommend should be pursued?

Which of the 17 goals speak to the South Sudan you want that you recommend should be pursued?

Which of the 17 goals speaks to the Africa you want that you recommend should be pursued?

The results of the survey indicate that all the groups prioritize SDG16 –Peace, Justice and Strong institutions – as one of the top goals for sustainable development that speak to the context of South Sudan. The other goals in the top 3 are SDG4 – Quality Education, and SDG1 – ending poverty.

The first validation workshop took place on 19th October 2016 with women organizations. UNDP Country Director, Mr. Kamil Kamaluddeen, inaugurated the event highlighting the important role that women play to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

“No one does a better job supporting development than the women do. Every woman in this room has mentioned peace, and peace is the foundation of development,” said Mr. Kamaluddeen. “It should be a non-negotiable condition for sustainable development to achieve prosperity and a more equal society where there is dignity, where we are kind with the environment and the environment is kind with us, and we don’t live just for today but also for generation to come. This is a collective responsibility and to do it well we cannot do it without women,” he expressed.

“UNDP is your partner and you can count on us in pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals,” he concluded.

IMG_6386Women discuss about the implementation of the SDGs in South Sudan.

Meanwhile, Mama Harriet Baka Nathan, Acting Chairperson of the South Sudanese Network for Democracy and Elections (SSUNDE) focused on the big challenges that women in conflict are facing.

“The commitment of women is overwhelming,” she said. “Despite the challenges of the economic situation, their day by day responsibilities and problems that they are facing, they are committed to peace and the Sustainable Development Goals because they are tired of war,” she declared.

“Women suffer the most during conflicts. They have to look for food and they are worried about where their husbands and children are, they even wonder if they are still alive. We, as women, support the SDGs because they are so rich and we believe they can bring the peace that we are looking for,” she concluded.

The series of validation workshops continues this week with a university students, the private sector, civil organizations, and the media.

UNDP partners with governments, civil society and the private sector to leverage SDGs to achieve and demonstrate their aspirations.

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