Minister of Interior and UNDP New Country Director Visit Prisons Vocational Training Centre in Juba Central Prison

Oct 7, 2016

His Excellency Hon. Lt. Gen. Michael Chiengjiek Geay, Minister of Interior and UNDP Country Director Kamil Kamaluddeen visited Prisons Vocational Training Center and identity card unit.

Vocational Training Center 

The National Prisons Service of South Sudan, with support from UNDP, has established a well-equipped vocational training center at Juba Central Prison. In 2016, a first session of training was held from February to July. In the first session, 134 (10 female) inmates were trained in eight different vocational skills –carpentry, masonry, electrician, welding, vehicle mechanics, agriculture, hair dressing and tailoring – and are ready for graduation.  A second batch of 143 (8 female) inmates has just started in the new round of training. 

This vocational training for inmates aims to check recidivism by imparting technical skills to the inmates to enable them to earn a living and facilitate their rehabilitation in society when released. In addition, 92 (22 female) prison staff were trained as trainers so that they can take over training at the center.

The vocational training program is an innovative attempt to ensure sustainability and promote indigenous expertise. Sixteen South Sudanese trainers and two supervisors from the Ministry of Education are and are the pioneers of the Vocational Training Center, and developed the curriculum, set up each section, and trained the inmates and prisons staff. The center is now examining the marketing potential of the products manufactured in the workshops to make the center self-sustainable.

prison event 2Prisoners develop their carpentry skills at the Vocational Training Center in Juba Central Prison.

"This is the true meaning of corrections. Equipping inmates with the skills necessary to earn a living when they are released will reduce recidivism. UNDP is proud to be working with NPSSS on such an important initiative, which shows sustainability and commitment of prisons service for humane inmate care," said UNDP Country Director Kamil Kamaluddeen in remarks delivered during the visit.

“This is a fantastic initiative, and needs to be expanded beyond Juba Central Prison to help prisons across the country. We in the prisons need to lead our partners in this initiative, " said Minister Geay.

Prison Personnel Identity Cards

The officials also inspected the NPSSS ID registration center during the visit. NPSSS, with support from UNDP and UNMISS UNPOL, has established a registration and ID process that identifies, quantifies and verifies prison personnel, and generates accurate data for human resource management. This system is progressing well.

“I am happy to visit prison ID registration center and see it is functional and started issuing identity cards to eligible prison personnel, said Lt. Gen. Geay.

To date, almost 3,000 prison personnel received identity cards.

“It is heartening to see that the both vocational training center and identity card center are being led and conducted by the NPSSS," said Director General Kuany.

The prison vocational workshop is generously supported by The Government of the Netherlands. 

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