UNDP and Ministry of Finance Discuss Recovery and Stabilization

Sep 6, 2016

SSTV interviews UNDP Acting Country Director, Jean-Luc Stalon, and Minister of Finance Hon. Stephen Dhieu Dau.

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning met with UNDP today to discuss key priorities to achieve progress on national stability and sustainability. UNDP Acting Country Director Jean-Luc Stalon and Minister of Finance Hon. Stephen Dhieu Dau mutually agreed on the need to remain focused on economic stabilization and sustainable development initiatives.

“Today’s meeting highlighted the mutual understanding between UNDP and Ministry of Finance, and the momentum at the present moment to make progress on recovery efforts in South Sudan,” said Mr. Stalon.

UNDP advocated for balanced approach of inter-related humanitarian and development responses in South Sudan, emphasizing the Ministry’s role in critical recovery and stabilization efforts.

The two also discussed South Sudan renewing as an endorsing country of the New Deal Compact. The New Deal is a key agreement between conflict affected states, international development partners and civil society to improve current development policy and practice.

Jean-Luc Stalon and Minister of Finance Hon. Stephen Dhieu DauUNDP Acting Country Director, Jean-Luc Stalon hands out a computer to the Minister of Finance Hon. Stephen Dhieu Dau.

The New Deal calls for five Peacebuilding and Statebuilding Goals (PSGs) to be at the forefront of all international efforts in fragile and conflict-affected countries: legitimate politics, security, justice, economic foundations, and revenues and services. During their meeting, the Minister and Mr. Stalon discussed preparations needed to develop a Compact specific to South Sudan with an emphasis on strengthening state-level institutions.

UNDP reiterated its commitment to working with the Ministry of Finance to support reinvigorated local economies, inclusive economic growth, and more resilient communities. 

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