UNDP Crisis Response Initiative: A Market for Peace in Rejaf County

Aug 10, 2016

A representative for area women speaks at the community consultation for a new market construction in Rejaf County.

Lead by community representatives and payam chiefs, the citizens of Jandoru Boma in Rejaf County have unanimously approved plans to move forward on a vegetable market designed to promote interdependency and peace within the local communities. The project is part of UNDP’s crisis response to the conflict that took place in Juba in July 2016.  The project is being implemented by the Community Security and Arms Control project of UNDP.

The consultation was held on August 5th and attended by 126 local youth and adults, and facilitated by the Payam Administrator, the local chiefs, and UNDP.

“This is the right approach to work with communities, as you have shown today,” said the Payam Administrator to UNDP at the consultation. “We promise to support you in any project in the future not only in Jandoru but the whole of Rejaf County and South Sudan at large.”

The Rejaf market will facilitate easier access to farm produce from farmers growing crops along river Kor Romla and thus as a connector of the communities across the river and those within Juba county who will access the market to buy food. This will help address some of the food challenges Juba is currently facing.

“UNDP is supporting the construction of this market, and other such infrastructure because we believe that they have potential to bring the communities together, to unify them, and strengthen social fabrics as they trade,” said UNDP’s CSAC Project Manager Judy Wakahiu.

Local community members attending the consultation reiterated the positive impact a market would have on their county.

“We as women are very grateful to UNDP because finally there will be space for our small businesses,” said a representative for local women.

UNDP’s CSAC programme in Rejaf County feeds into a comprehensive UNDP crisis response plan which along with interdependency initiatives, will include peace messaging and livelihood support, while addressing access to justice for the most vulnerable groups among the affected populations, especially women and children. The overarching goal of UNDP’s crisis response plan is to support recovery and stabilization and lay down a strong foundation for the longer-term processes of national reconciliation and healing to put South Sudan on a sustainable development pathway.