UNDP Country Director hands over a Community Center in Tombura

May 6, 2016

UNDP Country Director, Balázs Horváth, and Tombura County Commissioner, Hon. Adballah Juma, shake hands

UNDP’s Community Security and Arms Control (CSAC) project works to provide support to the Government of South Sudan’s efforts to build peace and security for communities and establish conditions for development in South Sudan. As part of these efforts, CSAC constructed County Support (CSB) “Development Portals” to facilitate development activities at the county level”. In line with this activity, UNDP Country Director, Balázs Horváth, handed over a Community Resource Center to Tombura county administration as well as ICT equipment and furniture.

“UNDP supports such development projects because we believe that community owned infrastructures are important in bringing people together to discuss their future, create a common vision and thus promote peace. Such a centre is also instrumental in bringing basic services closer to the community for shared benefits”, declared UNDP Country Director, Balázs Horváth.

County Development Committees were trained in finance, administration and book keeping to enhance their skills to effectively run the center and reach financial independence. The center serves as a hub for peace and development actions in the County. The facilities are being used to conduct trainings and conferences for the community and serves as a meeting place for youth and women groups.

“Women have been trained in catering, tailoring and clothes designing. We have conducted cultural heritage activities, computer trainings, HIV awareness training and we have held meetings with young people from the community to try to combat school drop-out”, explained Youth representative Dunguyo John, the Chairperson of the County Development Committee.

“I have been working in this center for 7 months already and now we have over 100 members and we are making sure that the facilities are used properly and the activities carried out are relevant and helpful for the community”, he added.

Together with UNDP Country Director, UNMISS Head of Field Office, Koliab Nahataba and Tombura County Commissioner, Hon. Abdallah Juma, presided the event.

“This building represent love and peace for our community. I am committed to utilize the assets to support the community and our people are able of taking care of this center. I ensure that it is managed in a secure and sustainable manner”, affirmed the County Commissioner, Hon. Adballah Juma.

UNMISS, UNDP and Tombura County Representatives dance to the music of a local artist.UNMISS, UNDP and Tombura County Representatives dance to the music of a local artist.

“UNMISS is committed to provide its personnel to conduct trainings and to support the people of Tombura as well as to strengthen the local government presence and capacity at the county level in order to consolidate peace and security and help to establish the conditions for development in the country”, declared UNMISS Head of Field Office, Koliab Nahataba.

During the event the assets were transferred to the county, which role will be to assure that the facilities are in use and the building will continue to be used as an open safe space for dialogue within the community. 

UNDP has constructed, equipped and furnished 22 community centers with funding from Norway and the Netherlands. 11 have been officially handed over to the communities.

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