Building Resilient Communities in Mingkaman

Mar 29, 2016

A new tent supplied by UNDP and Japan amongst newly arrived families of the internally displaced population in Mingkaman. Photo Credit: UNDP

Nestled just next to the Nile River, the Mingkaman community stretches along a flat, low-lying terrain in Awerial County – an area prone to seasonal flooding and high winds. The rainy season threatens the homes and livelihoods of residents each year.

Through support from the Government of Japan, the UNDP Food Security, Emergency Flood Response and Recovery project recently distributed a new set of tents, tarpaulins, and emergency protective equipment to the people living in the surrounding areas.

“One of our challenges is we are living in a flat plain and if a flood comes during the rainy season, for example, [my people] can now make a simple dike around [their] house or tent using this equipment,” said Jacob Reech Deng, one of the chiefs of the IDP population in Mingkaman.

“This is a major benefit for us,” he said.

Due to her vulnerability, Mary Abuk Anyieth was chosen by her community to receive a panga, a spade, and a hoe as part of the project’s equipment distribution.

“These tools are for protecting my house. The rain is coming and I will set up my plastic sheet,” said Mary. “That house will accommodate my family and we will be safe from the rain.”

Large tents were also deployed to help newly arrived families with shelter from the coming rains.

“We appreciate the efforts of the people of Japan,” said one resident of the new site for IDP’s in Mingkaman, where new tents were distributed this month, “it makes us feel good to have their support.”

Demand for the tents and equipment are high in the communities, with many people walking more than 2km to receive their tools at distribution centers.

“These tools will be even more useful in the coming days. We want to express that they will be used fully,” said Jacob Arkou Magung, chief of the host community in Mingkaman.

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