UNDP on Radio Miraya: There is hope for development in South Sudan

Feb 23, 2016

UNDP Economic Advisor, Frederick Mugisha at Radio Miraya with Gabriel Shadar from the Nationwide Programme.

“In order to build a strong and developed nation, South Sudan needs the same energy from people that they had when the country achieved independence. Action is needed at all levels,” said Frederick Mugisha, United Nations Development Programme Economics Advisor, during an interview with Gabriel Shadar, Radio Miraya’s host of its nationwide radio programme.

Tomorrow, at Freedom Hall in Juba, the first National Human Development Report for South Sudan will be launched. The theme of the report is “People, Peace and Prosperity.” The document is a tool for the Government of South Sudan and key partner organizations to make strategic decisions mapping the requirements needed for a prosperous South Sudan.

“This is an opportunity for South Sudan to shape the discussions about development, for the Government and its partners to know what should be the priorities to move the development conversation in the right direction with a common vision. Together we need to think far and strategically. If you don’t think with a clear aim in your mind you won’t know if you are successful or not,” explained Mr. Mugisha on the radio programme.

During the interview, Gabriel Shadar asked the UNDP Economics Advisor what the key outcomes of the report are and what South Sudan need to do to achieve development.

“We are not where we want to be, and the main reason is the absence of peace. We have compared South Sudan with other countries that after a similar conflict have achieved development, and South Sudan is in better condition than many would think. What this country needs is peace, and with this peace, sooner or later, there will be development. There is hope. South Sudan will not remain the way it is now.”

The interview will air this evening at 7 p.m. (19:00) during the Nationwide Programme of Radio Miraya’s broadcast.

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