• BLOG| The Youth Innovation Challenge: Because South Sudan is Full of Young Heroes Sep 1, 2016

    Last week, UNDP South Sudan office was full of young South Sudanese ready to work to make the difference in their country. They came to participate in the introduction workshop of the Youth Innovation Challenge for Peace, held on Thursday 25 August. The aim was to inform interested participants about the process, rules and characteristics of innovative ideas.

  • UNDP and Ministry of Justice Discuss Strengthening Relations and Continued Collaboration Aug 24, 2016

    UNDP Acting Country Director Mr. Jean-Luc Stalon met with the Minister of Justice Honorable Paulino Wanawila Onango this week to discuss strengthened relations between the Ministry of Justice and UNDP.

  • UNDP to Reinforce Stabilization and Recovery Efforts in Aweil State Aug 23, 2016

    UNDP visited Aweil State to consult with the governor and other key stakeholders on recovery and stabilization projects that would consolidate peace and stability in a state that has largely remained peaceful.

  • UNDP Crisis Response Initiative: A Market for Peace in Rejaf County Aug 10, 2016

    Lead by community representatives and payam chiefs, the citizens of Jandoru Boma in Rejaf County have unanimously approved plans to move forward on a vegetable market designed to promote interdependency and peace within the local communities.

  • BLOG| To live the African dream is to achieve the global goals on sustainable development Aug 1, 2016

    When a young citizen of the African continent hears of the American Dream, he or she wonders whether there is such a thing as the African Dream. This young person could be from any part of the continent. He or she could be from South Sudan, which continues to experience conflict; or from Botswana, which is a middle income country; or from Nigeria, which is the largest economy on the continent; or Libya, struggling to get back on its feet.

  • Tackling Case Backlog with the Ministry of Justice Jul 8, 2016

    Ministry of Justice national- and state-level support staff, including five women, completed an intensive training last Friday on case management and computer skills -- the first such workshop in the history of the legal system in South Sudan.

  • Op-Ed | The South Sudan We Want in 2030 Jun 28, 2016

    The multifaceted challenges that confront the country are indeed monumental, but not insurmountable. As the country embarks on this journey, each South Sudanese, whether they are young or old, educated or not, a minister or an ordinary citizen, must take one action each day to bring about the South Sudan we want by the year 2030.

  • UNDP Supports Transitional Justice Dialogue in Bentiu Jun 20, 2016

    The dialogue was attended by more than 72 participants ranging from women leaders, traditional authorities, representatives from the State Legislative Assembly, youth groups and the church.

  • BLOG| SDG 2030 is about transforming your own world, however you define it! Jun 14, 2016

    This is a call to action on what you, as an individual, can do to leverage the Sustainable Development Goals to achieve the profound change that you seek.

  • UNDP supports Transitional Justice Working Group on learning missions to Kampala and Gulu, Uganda Jun 10, 2016

    Under the theme of this year’s institute, ‘Too little too late or too much too soon? The time and timing of transitional justice’, participants discussed when transitional justice processes should begin and end, how long such processes should last and what this means for mandates of transitional justice institutions.