• BLOG| UNDP’s Point of View: Rule of Law Officer Tarkuo Weah Apr 19, 2017

    Tarkuo Weah is based in Aweil, South Sudan as Rule of Law Officer with UNDP’s Access to Justice and Rule of Law project. Recently he helped coordinate a training on the principles of law and human rights to local traditional leaders, jointly with the Ministry of Local Government and Law Enforcement.

  • Women from Rejaf Payam Learning How to Resolve Disputes Despite Food Scarcity Mar 28, 2017

    UNDP, in partnership with South Sudan Peace and Reconciliation Commission, conducted a three-day training to equip women with conflict mediation skills in preparation of a new market construction.

  • Rumbek University students: “We have a great role to play in bringing peace” to South Sudan Mar 27, 2017

    “We can change this community. They say the people who can change the world are the people who take out the word ‘impossibility’ from their dictionaries."

  • 39 Traffic Police Officers Begin Training in Traffic and Road Safety Management Mar 20, 2017

    A five-day long training in traffic and road safety management for traffic police officers from Jubek state, kicked off in Juba today. The training is being facilitated by the South Sudan National Police Service (SSNPS) in partnership with UNDP’s Access to Justice and Rule of Law project

  • 8 March 2017: International Women’s Day – Do Not Need a Mustache Campaign Mar 16, 2017

    On 8 March 2017, UNDP South Sudan stepped up for all women in South Sudan to showcase its female staff as examples of empowered women workers who do not need to be men to achieve their professional goals. Female staff in UNDP #donotneedamustache, South Sudanese women neither. This is the result of our campaign. Have a look!

  • Her Voice, Her Action! Mar 15, 2017

    Her Voice, Her Action is a short documentary series of three episodes which show how with hard work and dedication women's empowerment can be achieved in South Sudan. These videos have been prepared on the occasion of the 61st Commission on the Status of Woman in New York (12 to 17 March, 2017).

  • National Audit Chamber Using IGAD Expertise to Meet International Standards in Accountability and Transparency Feb 28, 2017

    Four Ugandan Civil Service Support Officers (CSSOs) are deployed to the National Audit Chamber in Juba, where they mentor and coach up to 100 South Sudanese counterparts, or “twins” on practical aspects of conducting effective public sector audits. During their time, the CSSOs have helped conduct audits on 65 entities and guided the completion of 19 released reports.

  • Aweil: A New Bill for Transparency and Efficiency in Tax Collection System Feb 28, 2017

    Aweil state is one of the first regions taking action to implement a new unified tax collection system. Members of the Parliament are working in the State Revenue Authority bill, which aims to establish non-oil revenue system to enhance transparent and efficient resource mobilization.

  • Solar Systems Improve Services for Aweil Citizens Feb 24, 2017

    In support of optimizing and enhancing the government delivery mechanisms to better serve the citizens of Aweil, UNDP installed solar systems in the offices of the State Governor and State Ministry of Finance and Public Service.

  • South Sudan Peace Correspondents Trained In Conflict Sensitive Reporting Feb 15, 2017

    Fifty-one peace correspondents working for radio stations located in various states in South Sudan have been trained in Juba in conflict sensitive reporting, peace journalism and peacebuilding. The three-day training equipped the correspondents with skills and knowledge that enables them to report in a manner that promotes and builds peace.

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