Our Stories

  • A Milestone in Public Financial Management

    Planning and financial management is a critical core governance function that provides a system to prioritize development needs, allocate resources efficiently and strategize for the future. To strengthen the planning and financial management systems it is necessary to assess fiduciary and other risks associated with the use of public funds so they may be mitigated.

  • Fighting HIV/AIDS through awareness and treatment

    Virginia Kamonji arrived in Rumbek in July as a UN Volunteer to help the Government in fighting HIV and Tuberculosis. With support through the Global Fund to Fight AIDs, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM), she has been working hard on multiple fronts to raise awareness, reduce stigma and improve access to HIV care and treatment.

  • Land management supporting sustainable development

    “In order to ensure better service delivery, it is crucial to sensitize our people on their rights, responsibilities and limitations in regards to land administration, as well as clarify and interpret the clauses in the Land Act” stated the Honourable Kuot Mawien Kuot, State Minister of Physical Infrastructure for Warrap State.

  • Living with hope: Collaborative treatment for HIV and TB
  • Raising Awareness, Decreasing Stigma

    During her last pregnancy, Alice became ill and visited her local hospital for testing where she found out that she had both HIV and tuberculosis (TB). Her husband had recently died and left her to care for their four young children on her own. While her father took care of the children, Alice received three months of treatment at her local hospital. Today, she is healthier, stronger and energetic.

  • South Sudan one year after independence: Increasing non-oil revenues

    Investing in the Government’s capacity for planning and financial management, oversight and accountability puts in place a strong foundation for long term statebuilding, and now is even more urgent following austerity measures enacted after the nation’s oil shutdown in January 2012, which accounted for 98 percent of its revenue.

  • State and County Government in action

    UNDP supports the ten state governments by deploying financial management, planning and revenue specialists in the state ministries to provide coaching and mentoring support to officials for integration of financial management and revenue collection reforms into state government policies to improve service delivery, reduce poverty and create employment.

  • Supporting Local Government in delivering services to the community

    Since 2006, UNDP South Sudan has been working with local governments to strengthen the institutional and human resource capacities in order to enable them to deliver services to their communities.

  • UNDP South Sudan: A year of independence

    Although the challenges facing South Sudan may seem daunting, progress has been made in building government capacity, fostering livelihoods, supporting needed health services, giving communities a voice and promoting the rule of law.

  • UNDP tax collection specialist scores tangible changes in South Sudan

    In February 2011, Western Equatoria State established a State Revenue Authority (WESRA), to administer the collection of taxes, as well as customs and excise duties. WESRA marked the beginning of a remarkable process of organisational development, which has seen a transformation of the state government's capacity to collect and manage revenue. Until WESRA was formed, state revenue was virtually zero. In just four months, the State Revenue Authority increased state revenue to approximately US$ 850,000.