Support to Public Financial Management

Alt text for imageMember of the Aweil Finance and Public Accounts Committee reviews the Unified Tax Schedule for State Government of South Sudan in Aweil on 1 February 2017. Photo: ©UNDP


The shrinking oil revenues as a result of petroleum price volatility, fiscal stresses and extreme economic austerity have posed serious budgetary constraints on the economy. Resultantly, non-oil revenue diversification is emerging as a priority area for the nation's development. 

The ability of government to sustainably expand the domestic resource base and efficiently allocate these resources in a transparent and equitable manner for service delivery will constitute the foundation for building public trust and confidence in government. This will contribute to sustainable peace and social cohesion.

Planned Outputs

  • Strengthen domestic revenue administration at subnational levels.
  • Improved capacity to formulate harmonized tax laws, regulatory frameworks and policies across states.
  • Strengthen tax policy and regulatory framework reforms at state levels.
  • Build institutional and human resource capacity of select parliamentary committees for efficient oversight responsabilities for safaguarding public welfare.


  • Revenue officials in the state ministries of finance.
  • Officials in the state revenue authority.
  • State level legislative assembly.
  • IDPs, host communities and vulnerable populations

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