What We Do

In the critical first years following the historic independence of the Republic of South Sudan, UNDP will stand with the world’s newest nation as it puts in place the building blocks of statehood. The principle framework for development was laid out in the South Sudan Development Plan (SSDP) that outlines the Government’s key priorities for the first three years in the areas of governance, economic growth, social and human development, conflict prevention and security, as well as rule of law.  All of the UN agencies operating in South Sudan demonstrated their commitment to the SSDP by working together to formulate the UN Development Assistance Framework  (UNDAF) which aligns UN agencies’ programmes with the SSDP.

The UNDAF includes five outcomes for the UN Country Team to assist the Government in reinforcing core governance functions, building service delivery systems, improving food security, reducing community conflict and fostering rule of law in an equitable way across the ten states. Based on the UNDAF, UNDP prepared a new  Country Programme Document  (CPD)) and Country Program Action Plan  (CPAP) that contributed to these outcomes.

UNDP is focussing on supporting the Government in building 19 core governance functions that cover  the areas of executive leadership, rule of law, fiduciary management, public administration and natural resources.  In addition, UNDP is assisting the Government in creating an enabling environment for growth and improved service delivery, while also working with the Government to reintegrate ex-combatants, promote community security, improve access to justice and foster the rule of law. 

Noting significant concerns in regards to stability and conflict, UNDP is strengthening community security and stabilization efforts through four large-scale programmes. These programmes are extending the rule of law to the most remote corners of the country.

UNDP’s South Sudan programme is one of UNDP’s largest programmes worldwide. With a presence for nearly 40 years, UNDP draws on its global experience and expertise in post-crisis settings to effectively implement transformative programmes. We are committed to working together with the nation towards building the nation’s vision of a peaceful, democratic, just and prosperous South Sudan.