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A Milestone in Public Financial Management

Planning and financial management is a critical core governance function that provides a system to prioritize development needs, allocate resources efficiently and strategize for the future.  To strengthen the planning and financial management systems it is necessary to assess fiduciary and othmore


Bridging the gap in maternal health care

A few months ago, the Bentiu Hospital was full to the brim with expectant mothers, but had few fully trained nurses and midwives to assist with the births.  The Ministry of Health in Unity State knew it had to do something to address the shocking rate of maternal mortality it was witnessing.&nbmore


Community security through cooperation

The state of Northern Bahr el Ghazal in South Sudan presents many challenging problems for the newly-formed police force.  The state borders Darfur in Sudan, as well as the contested region of Abyei.  Tens of thousands of South Sudanese refugees have returned across the border from the normore

Empowering Communities, Building Resilience

Building and sustaining peace goes beyond simply negotiating a ceasefire between communities in conflict.  Creating an enabling environment for lasting peace and security requires input from local communities, a contextual understanding of the political economy and long-term planning.   UNmore


Fighting HIV/AIDS through awareness and treatment

Virginia Kamonji arrived in Rumbek in July as a UN Volunteer to help the Government in fighting HIV and Tuberculosis.  With support through the Global Fund to Fight AIDs, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM), she has been working hard on multiple fronts to raise awareness, reduce stigma and improvemore


How rule of law forums are helping to right the wrongs in the justice system in South Sudan

Juba—an Access to Justice Perception Survey in August 2013, demonstrated that more than 70% of the population look to local authorities and customary courts when seeking justice and dispute resolution. Customary courts are thus most likely to come into contact with the poor and other vulnerable groumore


Improving peace and security through agriculture

 “The 30 tractors are for the youth agriculture project to improve peace, food security and the community security environment in the conflict-prone region of the country “stated Honourable Mayen Ngor Atem, Jonglei State Minister of Agriculture and Forestry at the handover of 30 tractors and asmore


Increasing Access to Justice, Fostering the Rule of Law

“Our people, if they see this building and receive the services they expect from this institution will feel satisfaction that we are achieving what we fought for, what we promised them to do” stated Honourable Jairo Duot Bior, President of the Bor High Court during the May 2013 handover of the High more


Jie haffir brings peace to the Toposa Communities

Inter-communal violence over access to water has been a fatal risk for the Toposa communities in Eastern Equatoria state.  However, 2012 has been hopeful for the Toposa people in Jie, Kapoeta East County.  For the first time in their living memory, they did not migrate in search of water. more

Land management supporting sustainable development

  “In order to ensure better service delivery, it is crucial to sensitize our people on their rights, responsibilities and limitations in regards to land administration, as well as clarify and interpret the clauses in the Land Act” stated the Honourable Kuot Mawien Kuot, State Minister of Physimore