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  • Bridging the gap in maternal health careBridging the gap in maternal health careJan 4, 2013A few months ago, the Bentiu Hospital was full to the brim with expectant mothers, but had few fully trained nurses and midwives to assist with the births. The Ministry of Health in Unity State knew it had to do something to address the shocking rate of maternal mortality it was witnessing. South Sudan as a nation experiences one of the worst maternal mortality rates in the world, and its effects are devastating.

  • Community security through cooperationCommunity security through cooperationOct 9, 2013The state of Northern Bahr el Ghazal in South Sudan presents many challenging problems for the newly-formed police force. The state borders Darfur in Sudan, as well as the contested region of Abyei. Tens of thousands of South Sudanese refugees have returned across the border from the north following South Sudan’s independence in July, there are critical shortages of basic services, violent tribal conflict persists in the region, and there is little presence of government or rule of law in people’s lives.

  • Paralegals bring justice to women in South SudanParalegals bring justice to women in South SudanJan 4, 2013

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UNDP’s efforts have focused on providing expertise to strengthen the workings of government at all levels, support electoral and referendum processes, and improve the rule of law.

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