Democratic Governance & Stabilisation

The Democratic Governance and Stabilisation Programme supports South Sudan as it builds democratic institutions and establishes sustainable, accountable and transparent governance and rule of law systems. UNDP has committed significant human, technical and financial resources to improving the performance of government institutions and processes. State-building is at the heart of UNDP’s commitment to South Sudan.

Our Goals

A key statebuilding strategy employed by UNDP has been supporting the government to identify its core functions. These core functions include ramped-up support to key areas such as rule of law, public finance management, public administration and the management of natural resources. UNDP’s rule of law portfolio aims to facilitate a more predictable, accountable and effective rule of law response in a fragile context that is prone to recurrent insecurity and localized conflict. UNDP provides multi-faceted support to rule of law institutions, including the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Interior (police and prisons), the Judiciary of South Sudan and the Local Government Board. UNDP supports research and discussion on customary law at the community level. more

Building stronger democratic societies

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Focus on Results: Democratic Governance

UNDP’s efforts have focused on providing expertise to strengthen the workings of government at all levels, support electoral and referendum processes, and improve the rule of law.

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