Support to Democracy and Participation

UNDP supports civil society, media, and faith-based organisations to establish mechanisms for discourse on a national vision, civil rights and political governance in the context of constitutional review and deepening democratic governance.

The Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Community Based Organizations (CBOs) undertake civic education programmes, conducted research, organized public debates and published policy briefs on pertinent political goevrnance issues.

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Project Objectives

  1. Encourage civic engagement and participation in democratic processes, with emphasis on women and youth,
  2. Assist in consolidation of a political settlement within the framework of the peace agreement,
  3. Support accountability and anti-corruption initiatives.

Project Output

Deepening democracy to assist consolodation of a political settlement within the framework of constitutionalism


  • Working with a local think-tank, the Sudd Institute, created impartial space for dialogue and debate through organising and hosting six pubic debates touching on democratic governances issues. The debates were attended by a total of 203 people (33 women) including politicians, diplomats, academics, development partners, civil society organizations and the general public. In addition, two policy briefs were published to inform public policy-making on political governance issues.
  • In collaboration with five civil society organizations, promoted community-level democratic governance awareness by conducting 38 civic education outreach programmes in eight counties of Juba, Yei, Lany, Morobo, Kajo-Keji, Terekeka, Mundri East and West. These activities reached a total of 5,312 ppeople (932 women).
  • Promoted dialogue on accountability by holding 27 radio talk shows on conflict resolution, accountability, transparency and participation of youth and women in community safety and peace-buliding. Citizens were afforded an opportunity to participate in the dialogues. A total of 294 short messaging services (SMS) messages were received from the public.

Way Forward

New project areas are expected to address support to constitution-making, elections, civic engagement, as well as accountability (anti-corruption commission, audit chambers).

Letter of Appreciation for the Training received on Democracy, Good Governance and Accountability

UNDP Democracy and Participation Project promotes democratic governance through civic education programmes in Torit, Ikwoto, Kapoeta North, Juba, Maridi, Ibba, Yambio, Bor and Uror. The project provides micro-grants to four civil society organizations, Voice for Change in Juba, Manna Development Agency (MADA) in Torit, Ikwoto and Kapoeta, Environmental Rehabilitation Programme (ERP) in Maridi and Yambio and Dak Organization for Relief and Development (DORD) in Bor and Uror.

As an acknowledgement of UNDP’s support, South Sudan Government has sent a letter of appreciation where indicates actions to be taken by the Ministry of Education, Gender and Social Welfare.

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