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UNDP in South Sudan focuses its programmes on: democratic governance and stabilization; human development and inclusive growth; and gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Democratic Governance and Stabilization

UNDP has committed significant human, technical and financial resources to improving the performance of government institutions and processes. State-building is at the heart of UNDP’s commitment to South Sudan. The Democratic Governance and Stabilisation Programme supports South Sudan as it builds democratic institutions and establishes sustainable, accountable and transparent governance and rule of law systems through the following projects:

Support to Access to Justice and Rule of Law

The project seeks to consolidate existing UNDP interventions that are delivered discretely to the individual rule of law institutions, and community level interventions into a coherent and holistic project designed to increase the availability, affordability, adaptability and acceptability of justice services in South Sudan.

Community Security and Arms Control

The Community Security & Arms Control (CSAC) project aims to support the Government of South Sudan in its effort to build social cohesion, stability, peace and security for conflict affected communities in the country. CSAC provides technical and financial support to the Bureau for Community Security & Small Arms Control (BCSSAC), the South Sudan Peace & Reconciliation Commission (SSPRC), and over 20 civil society organization (CSOs) in fostering dialogue, peace and reconciliation, while improving community security and strengthening broader post-conflict recovery initiatives. 

Support to Democracy and Participation

The purpose is to support the strengthening of the oversight and accountability architecture within the government, and enhanced capacity of civil society and the media to exercise their voice and influence in national discourse on development policy and governance processes.

IGAD-RSS Regional Initiative

The Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) offers an innovative South to South cooperation approach to increase capacity development in fragile states. It’s an initiative between South Sudan, on the one hand, and Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, and Norway, on the other, with technical support from the United Nation’s Development Programme. 

Human Development & Inclusive Growth

UNDP believes in development that benefits the poor. Our programme supports our partners in South Sudan to plan, monitor, evaluate and implement poverty reduction initiatives that are inclusive and sustainable.

Strengthening non-oil revenue collection

The ability of government to sustainably expand the domestic resource base and efficiently allocate these resources in a transparent and equitable manner for service delivery will constitute the foundation for building public trust and confidence in government. UNDP is planning to strengthen domestic revenue administration at subnational levels and improve capacity to formulate harmonized tax laws, regulatory frameworks and policies across states.

Support to Trade Capacity Development

UNDP aims to help the Government of South Sudan to build domestic competiveness and leverage regional and international trade for sustainable economic development in the country. UNDP will also support channelling of multilateral trade-related development assistance in South Sudan.

Climate Change and Adaptation

Climate change is one of the most important threats to the development of South Sudan. UNDP in partnership with the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management proposes to establish a climate monitoring and early warning system for timely provision of information to enhance disaster preparedness and reduce the vulnerability of local communities to floods and droughts.

Renewable Energy for Poverty Reduction

Clean and renewable energy solutions lie at the heart of South Sudan’s pursuit for sustainable development. UNDP objective is to develop decentralized renewable energy solutions which open up new economic opportunities for women and youth including through becoming energy entrepreneurs.

Support to Entrepreneurship

South Sudan has high levels of unemployment and underemployment and an untapped economic potential and a huge demographic dividend bulge with a high majority of the population between 18-32 years of age. UNDP aims to enhance local economic development, employability and contribute to improved livelihoods for vulnerable urban and rural communities.

Thematic Funds

The aim of UNDP’s support is to progressively accelerate universal access to basic social services with the aim of building human capabilities and upholding the dignity of all people of South Sudan. As Principle Recipient of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis, UNDP has provided support to the Ministry of Health at both the national and state level assisting in Infrastructure development as well as providing technical and coaching support. 

Improving and Expanding TB Control

The Transitional Funding Mechanism for Tuberculosis is a two-year project that has a goal of reducing the burden of TB and TB/HIV in South Sudan as an extension of GFATM Round 7 TB project.

HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care

The HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care project aims to strengthen a coordinated South Sudan response to HIV/AIDS by building capacity at the Central, State and County levels, and supporting the scale up of comprehensive HIV/AIDS services.

Strengthening Health Systems

The main focus of the program is on increasing South Sudan’s capability to deliver and manage health services. The project will construct, renovate, equip and support the operations of facilities that strengthen health systems delivery.

Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment

Gender equality and the empowerment of women are central to the mandate of UNDP and intrinsic to its development approach. Gender equality, rooted in human rights, is not only a development goal on its own but also vital to accelerating sustainable development for all.

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