Support to Access to Justice and Rule of Law

Programme Description

The project seeks to consolidate existing UNDP interventions that are delivered discretely to individual rule of law institutions, and community level interventions into a coherent and holistic programme designed to increase the availability, affordability, adaptability and acceptability of justice services in South Sudan. This programme approach seeks a positive balance between supply and demand side interventions to ensure that reforms are responsive to the evolving needs of communities served. This iterative process requires evidence- based programming and thus adequate investment in crime statistics, court case management, recidivism rates and prison overcrowding to facilitate policy decision makers to deploy resources efficiently and effectively.  In complement, end user surveys to assess the perception of personal safety and security, and the appropriateness of services provided will serve to promote citizen engagement in the state building process. The expected outputs of the project are:

Output 1: Increasing the capacity of case disposal rates of Judiciary of South Sudan;

Output 2: Increasing capacity of Ministry of Justice to deliver prosecutorial services at the state and county level;

Output 3: Enhancing South Sudan Police Service’s ability to maintain law and order;

Output 4: Reducing arbitrary and unlawful detention and decreasing violations of juvenile rights;

Output 5: Improved coordination and institutionalization of justice sector services and access to remedies delivered through rule of law institutions and other service providers.


Training of community-based organisations in human rights and access to justice has been conducted.

  • The Access to Justice Project in collaboration with the Office for the High Commission for Human Rights in Geneva supported 16 community-based organizations to undertake human rights training in South Sudan under the Assisting Community Together small grants modality.  A training manual on human rights developed by the Access to Justice team was used for this purpose.
  • Other training on human rights, access to justice and rule of law was provided to state rule of law institutions, civil society organisations and traditional authorities by the project teams in South Sudan.

Capacity development for law reform initiatives for civil society organisations

  • Institutional support to organisations including the Bar Association and the Women Lawyers Association to develop organizational constitutions to establish and operationalize the organizations.  Institutional capacity development support was provided by sponsoring members of the management committee to participate in a training workshop organized in Khartoum.
  • Support was provided to stakeholders who are spearheading efforts for the return of the law college at the University of Juba from Khartoum to Juba through the development of a project proposal and mobilization of donor support for financial assistance.
  • Small grants were awarded to four organisations to establish Justice and Confidence Centers in Rumbek, Juba, Aweil and Yambio.

Support to rule of law forum and coordination mechanisms

  • Monthly rule of law forums were undertaken in all ten states of South Sudan.
  • Quarterly GoSS level rule of law forums were also undertaken in Juba. The forum meetings brought together key stakeholders within the rule of law sector to deliberate on issues related to rule of law, infusing experiences from the states as a means to share experiences within the sector.
  • Regular radio programmes aired in a number of states on economic, social and cultural rights, the bill of rights in the Interim Constitution of South Sudan, women’s rights and children’s rights.

Support to the South Sudan Human Rights Commission (SSHRC)

  • Material support aimed at enhancing the decentralization of the activities of the South Sudan Human Rights Commission.  A UNDP liaison office was established at the commission to provide technical support to the commission’s activities.
  • The Access to Justice project also procured computers and office furniture for field offices as part of the support to decentralization of the commission’s activities in the ten states. The items procured are being used by the human rights monitors/officers who have been deployed to the states.
  • UNDP supported the development and implementation of a human rights monitoring data base to enhance monitoring and reporting of human rights violations in South Sudan.
  • Material support was provided to the commission to facilitate celebration of the International Human Rights Day in various locations annually.

Support to the development of Traditional Authorities and Customary Courts System

  • Support to the dissemination of the Local Government Act at the state level in collaboration with the state ministry of local government.
  • Engagement with state governments and traditional authorities on issues including: customary law practice; formalizing the authority of chiefs in promoting and adjudicating community disputes; and the promotion of human rights in judicial and administrative functions.
  • Development of a training manual which was provided to traditional authorities at the state level.
  • Material support to traditional authorities in Eastern Equatoria State through purchase of office furniture.


Donor name Contributing amount
UNDP 400,263 USD
Netherlands 695,324 USD
UK (DFID) 2,304,313 USD
Canada (DFAIT) 640,173 USD
Denmark 125,975 USD
EUCOMM 255,231 USD
CO-Finance 375,263 USD

Delivery by year

Year Total amount delivered
2011 2,234,228 USD
2010 1,566,364 USD
2009 3,099,153 USD
2008 3,597,000 USD
2007 2,691,000 USD
Project Overview
Project Name
Support to Access to Justice and Rule of Law
Project start date
1 January 2012
Project end date
31 December 2013
Geographic coverage
UNDAF Outcome
Outcome 5: Access to Justice and the Rule of Law improves
Focal Point
Lealem Berhanu Dinku
Team Leader, a.i
Democratic Governance
Judiciary of South Sudan
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Interior (Police and Prisons)
South Sudan Human Rights Commission
South Sudan Law Reform Commission
UNMISS Rule of Law
UNMISS Police, Corrections and Human Rights
USD 16, 217, 479