Support to Inclusive Growth and Trade Capacity Development

Project Description

The Support to Inclusive Growth and Trade Capacity Development (IGTCD) project looks into aspects of institutional capacity development for trade that is intended to pave the way for ascension to full Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) membership and its subsequent implementation thereafter. It is aimed at getting South Sudan closer to becoming an integral part of global trading system and hence helps contribute towards overall goal of promoting economic growth and put a dent on internal poverty.   Within this wider framework and specifically under this project, draft DTIS for South Sudan will be completed.

Project Outputs

  • Output 1:  Livelihoods stabilization and early economic recovery for affected areas, targeting mainly IDPs, returning refugees and host communities is attained.
  • Output 2: Institutional capacity for Trade development for the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Investment enhanced.


  • South Sudan Cooperatives Strategy (2012-2015) launched: UNDP in collaboration with the International Labour Organization (ILO) provided technical support to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Cooperatives and Rural Development to formulate and launch the first South Sudan Cooperatives Strategy (2012-2015), as well as marking the UN International Year of Cooperatives.
  • Completion of the Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS):  South Sudan conducted pre and main Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS) missions in 2013. The mission’s main objective was to collect relevant data on trade related regulations from policy makers and development partners engaged in trade related activities. By December 2013, the first draft of the report had been completed with validation of the report expected in early 2014. UNDP coordinated the pre and full DTIS missions and recruited 16 highly qualified consultants to put it together. Initial results of the DTIS mission formed the basis for the Deputy Minister of Finance’s powerful presentation at South Sudan’s first-ever Investment Conference in early December 2013.

In addition, South Sudan Microfinance Policy is being reviewed by the Bank of South Sudan. A concept note for South Sudan National Human Development Report was developed in 2013. The concept note outlines the framework for the production of the first ever South Sudan Human Development Report. A UNDP-recruited consultant, in consultation with relevant GRSS ministries, developed the concept note.

Project Overview
Project Name
Support to Inclusive Growth and Trade Capacity Development
Project start date
01 January 2012
Project end date
31 December 2015
Geographic coverage
UNDAF Outcome
Outcome 2: Chronic food insecurity is reduced and household incomes increase
Focal Point
Biplove Choudhary
Team Leader
Human Development and Inclusive Growth Unit
Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment
South Sudan Microfinance Development Facility
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning
MDG Trust Fund
2014 Planned Budget
USD 1,019,000