Protected Area Network Management

Securing a foundation for biodiversity conservation

The project aims to support conservation in the post-conflict development of South Sudan through enhanced and effective management of protected areas. 

Target goals

The vision for protected areas management in South Sudan is “An ecologically representative and connected network of protected areas, subject to efficient management arrangements for the situation of South Sudan and adequately financed through multiple sources”.


  • Reassessing the present protected area estate to ensure the identification of key migratory routes and wildlife corridors within the protected area network;
  • Building the capacity of the Ministry of Wildlife Conservation and Tourism to effectively manage and sustainably develop South Sudan’s key protected areas.

The project will undertake a range of activities to deliver the following three outcomes:

  • Outcome  1: Strengthened management for protected areas, institutional capacity will be increased from 42% to 52%, expanding the protected area network from 350,000 ha to 6,800,000 ha.
  • Outcome 2: Improved management of four key protected areas (Southern, Bandingalo and Boma  National Parks and Zeraf Reserve)
  • Outcome 3: To develop a sustainable funding source for protected areas (baseline  score increased from 5% to 20%).


Project Overview
Project name
Protected Area Network Management
Project start date
1 March 2011
Estimated end date
31 January 2015
Geographic coverage
UNDAF outcome
Outcome 2: Chronic food insecurity is reduced and household incomes increase
Focal Person
Amanuel Gebremedhin
Team Leader
Conflict Prevention and Recovery Unit
Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)
Ministry of Wildlife Conservation and Tourism
University of Juba
The private tourism sector
Global Environment Facility (GEF)
Budget (2012)
USD 1,883,089