Poverty Reduction and Inclusive Growth

  • Protected Area Network ManagementProtected Area Network ManagementThe project objective is to secure the foundation for biodiversity conservation in the post conflict development of South Sudan through enhanced management effectiveness of the protected areas estate.

  • Support to Inclusive Growth and Trade Capacity DevelopmentThis project is designed to support the Government’s efforts to create an enabling environment for private sector development by raising productivity in non-oil export sectors as well as making economic growth more inclusive.

  • Strengthening Health Systems (Global Fund Round 9)The main focus of this project is on increasing South Sudanese capability to deliver and manage their existing health services. The project's major objectives are to improve the skills of the workforce at all levels of the health system; introduce state of the art technology, equipment and supplies; and improve health infrastructure and support health services.

  • HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care (Global Fund Round 4)HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care (Global Fund Round 4)With the assistance of the Global Fund the Program strives to halt and begin to reverse the spread of the disease. The major objectives are to (i) improve knowledge and practice of HIV and STI preventative measures by the general adult population, youth and vulnerable population sub-groups during 2005-2010 (ii)develop and expand treatment, and care and support services for people and families living with HIV/AIDS and (iii) build the capacity of the New Sudan National AIDS Council, NGOs and local instituions to effectively manage and monitor HIV/AIDS programs.

  • Improving and Expanding TB control (Global Fund Round 7)Improving and Expanding TB control (Global Fund Round 7)The goal of the programme is to continue contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of the people of South Sudan by reducing dramatically the burden of TB in South Sudan by 2015 in line with the Millennium Development Goals and Stop TB Partnership Targets. The objectives are pursuing high quality expansion and enhancement of DOTS (Direct Observed Treatment – Short course) and addressing the challenge of multi-drug resistance.

  • Strengthening Health Systems (Global Fund Round 9)

  • Support to Public AdministrationThe project will address all levels of capacity: the legal, regulatory, institutional (enabling environment/institutional level); work procedures and operational arrangements (organizational level); skills development (individual level).

Closed Projects

  • Support to Economic PlanningSupport to Economic PlanningIn order for the Government of South Sudan (GoSS) to use its resources effectively to meet the objectives set out in the transitional legal framework, a strong planning and budget framework must be in place to guide resource allocations and expenditures in a transparent manner.

  • Local Government Recovery ProgrammeLocal Government Recovery ProgrammeThe Local Government Recovery Programme (LGRP) was conceived by the Local Government Board of the Government of South Sudan (GoSS) to restore local government systems.

  • Support to StatesSupport to StatesThe project's objective is to improve the institutional capacity of local government to adequately plan, set priorities, manage revenue and expenditure and deliver basic services in an equitable manner.

  • Building an Inclusive Financial SectorBuilding an Inclusive Financial SectorThrough an ambitious strategy of combining support to a range of local institutions and market leaders, this programme will target to achieve: 240,000 active clients (savers and/or borrowers) by 2012, and reach more than 300,000 active clients (savers and/or borrowers) by 2013.

  • Strengthening the Foundations for Environmental Governance and Natural ResourcesThis project is part of UNDP support to South Sudan to strengthen the capacity of national, state and local institutions and communities to manage the environment and support processes for climate change adaptation.

Our Work in Rule of Law

The core objective of UNDP’s rule of law portfolio is to promote forms of governance in which all persons, institutions and entities, public and private, including the State itself, are accountable to laws that are publicly enacted, equally enforced and independently adjudicated, and which are consistent with international human rights norms and standards.

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