Democratic Governance

  • Support to Accountability

    The expected outcome is a decrease of incidence of impunity for corrupt actions and an increased accountability for, and transparency in the use of public resources.

  • Support to Democracy and Participation

    The purpose is to support the strengthening of the oversight and accountability architecture within the government, and enhanced capacity of civil society and the media to exercise their voice and influence in national discourse on development policy and governance processes.

Poverty Reduction

  • Protected Area Network Management

    The project objective is to secure the foundation for biodiversity conservation in the post conflict development of South Sudan through enhanced management effectiveness of the protected areas estate.

  • Support to Inclusive Growth and Trade Capacity Development

    This project is designed to support the Government’s efforts to create an enabling environment for private sector development by raising productivity in non-oil export sectors as well as making economic growth more inclusive.

Social and Human Development

  • TB and HIV Collaborative Programme (Global Fund Round 5)

    The program aims to decrease the burden of HIV and TB in populations affected by both diseases with the aim of reducing morbidity, mortality and transmission of these diseases in South Sudan.

  • Strengthening Health Systems (Global Fund Round 9)

    The main focus of this project is on increasing South Sudanese capability to deliver and manage their existing health services. The project's major objectives are to improve the skills of the workforce at all levels of the health system; introduce state of the art technology, equipment and supplies; and improve health infrastructure and support health services.

Crisis Prevention and Recovery

  • Community Security and Arms Control

    The goal of CSAC is to provide technical assistance to enhance the capacity of the Government of South Sudan in the carrying out of its duty to protect the rights and lives of south Sudanese citizens, during a process of State formation.

  • South Sudan Recovery Fund: Round One-Livelihoods and Recovery

    Sudan Recovery Fund - South Sudan (SSRF) aims to bridge the gap in the transition from humanitarian to recovery assistance through catalytic, high impact and quickly disbursed projects to demonstrate peace dividends, build the capacities of Government of South Sudan (GoSS) ministries and encourage the participation and empowerment of communities affected by conflict and poverty.

Rule of Law

  • Support to Access to Justice and Rule of Law

    The project seeks to consolidate existing UNDP interventions that are delivered discretely to individual rule of law institutions, and community level interventions into a coherent and holistic programme designed to increase the availability, affordability, adaptability and acceptability of justice services in South Sudan. This programme approach seeks a positive balance between supply and demand side interventions to ensure that reforms are responsive to the evolving needs of communities served.

Closed Projects

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