Support to Development Planning and Public Financial Management

Programme Description

The overall objective of this project is to support all three levels of government (national, state and county) to implement a poverty-sensitive development agenda by building its capacity for evidence-based planning, budgeting, programme execution, resource mobilization and allocation, and ensure sound accounting of internal and external resources. In order to achieve the overall objective, the project will consolidate UNDP’s support to all three levels of government to produce the following outputs:

Output 1: Improved pro-poor planning, budgeting and impact monitoring;

Output 2:  Improved programme execution and financial reporting; 

Output 3: Improved production and usage of socio-economic statistics for conflict sensitive planning poverty monitoring; and

Output 4: Improved coordination and management of external resources.

Through this project, UNDP will also support the Government to develop a programme monitoring and evaluation system. In addition, in order to enable the states and counties to ‘learn-by-doing’, the project will support the introduction of a “Local Development Fund” initially in ten counties (but eventually covering all counties). This is meant to strengthen a bottom-up, participatory planning process and consolidate public financial management (PFM) systems, specifically focusing on the state and county levels.

Project Overview
Project Name
Support to Development Planning and Public Financial Management
Project start date
1 January 2012
Project end date
31 December 2013
Geographic coverage
UNDAF Outcome
Outcome 1: Core governance and civil service functions are established and operational
Focal Point
Mandisa Mashologu
Team Leader
Poverty Reduction & MDGs Unit
Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning
National Bureau of Statistics
Local Government Board
State Ministries of Finance
State Ministries of Local Government
State Ministries of Physical Infrastructure
Budget (2012)
USD 10, 388, 000