Support to Democracy and Participation

Programme Description

UNDP’s Democracy and Participation project aims to engender institutionalized platforms for increasing the alignment of the development interests of citizens and the political and economic priorities of the State. To this end, UNDP will mainly focus on support to the National Constitutional Review and elections processes.  

UNDP will engage with the Constitutional Review Process with a view to supporting the credibility and legitimacy of the new “social contract” through a transparent, inclusive, participatory constitution making process. UNDP in collaboration with UNMISS will provide technical and logistical support to the National Constitutional Review Commission (NCRC) in reviewing the constitution. Support will also be provided to CSOs and Media for the promotion of civic education programmes. The project will also provide logistical support to the convening of the National Constitutional Conference.

Assistance will be provided to the National Elections Commission (NEC) and the State High Committees (SHC), the Political Parties Council (PPC), and other stakeholders such as, media, CSOs, women, youth and special need groups in the democratic process. UNDP will also continue to support the national-to-state dialogue process through the 2014 Governors’ and Commissioners’ Forums which have now been established as key platforms to address decentralization issues. 

Expected Outcome(s)

The expected outcome is increased confidence in the legitimacy and capability of the government and its' representatives to transparently allocate, and account for public resources; and to effectively deliver development results in favour of the citizens of South Sudan, with particular regard for women, the poor and the marginalized.


Output 1: Policy dialogue between national and sub-national Governments is strengthened.  

Output 2: The revision and adoption of people-driven Constitution supported and facilitated

Output 3: The capacity of National Elections Commission (NEC) strengthened to better prepare, plan, mange, monitor and evaluate 2015 elections and beyond.



  • A UN Electoral Needs Assessment Mission (NAM), in which UNDP was an integral part, was conducted in September 2013. The NAM assessed GRSS needs for democratic and credible elections. Although the preliminary NAM recommendations validated the UNDP Project Initiation Plan (PIP) to provide institutional support to the National Electoral Commission and for civic education, the recent violence will likely require a review of the mission findings.
  • The third Governors’ Forum after independence which was successfully conducted with UNDP technical and financial support, in November 2013. The outcome of the forum was 32 pro-development resolutions and 16 recommendations subsequently endorsed by the Council of Ministers, implementation of which should contribute to improved State performance on all South Sudan Development Plan pillars.
  • Enhanced capacity of oversight and accountability institutions. Staff placed to train, mentor and coach South Sudan counterparts in the South Sudan Anti-Corruption Commission (SACC) and National Audit Chamber (NAC) enhanced the operations of the two institutions. The SSACC investigated, closed and/or referred circa 75% of reported corruption cases during the first half of 2013. The NAC, with its increased auditing capacity, audited circa 63% of Ministries, Departments and Authorities targeted in 2013.
Project Overview
Project Name
Support to Democracy and Participation
Project start date
1 January 2012
Project end date
31 December 2016
Geographic coverage
UNDAF Outcome
Outcome 1: Core governance and civil service functions are established and operational
Focal Point
Lealem Berhanu Dinku
Team Leader
Democratic Governance
Office of the President
National Constitutional Review Commission (NCRC)
National Elections Commission (NEC), and
2014 Planned Budget
USD 4,239,246.63