Support to Democracy and Participation

Programme Description

UNDP South Sudan seeks to implement a 2-year programme focused on enhancing voice and accountability between the State and its citizens through support to both houses of the national legislature, civil society and the media. Capacity development initiatives will be instituted and the individual, institutional and organizational development levels. The objective of the programme is to contribute to the alignment between the development interests of citizens and the political and economic priorities of the State. The purpose is to support the strengthening of the oversight and accountability architecture within the government, and enhanced capacity of civil society and the media to exercise their voice and influence in national discourse on development policy and governance processes.

Expected Outcome(s)

The expected outcome is increased confidence in the legitimacy and capability of the government and its' representatives to transparently allocate, and account for public resources; and to effectively deliver development results in favour of the citizens of South Sudan, with particular regard for women, the poor and the marginalized.


Output 1: National Legislature with strengthened capacities for oversight and decision-making;

Output 2: Increased and improved media coverage of parliamentary proceedings in national and state media (print/broadcast);

Output 3: Institutionalised processes of information flow and dialogue between the National Legislature and civil society.

Project Overview
Project Name
Support to Democracy and Participation
Project start date
1 January 2012
Project end date
31 December 2013
Geographic coverage
UNDAF Outcome
Outcome 1: Core governance and civil service functions are established and operational
Focal Point
Lealem Berhanu Dinku
Team Leader, a.i
Democratic Governance
The Council of States
National Legislative Assembly
Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs
Association for Media Development in South Sudan (ADMISS) (proposed)
South Sudan NGO Forum Secretariat (proposed)
2012 Planned Budget
USD 698,688