South Sudan Recovery Fund Round Three: State Stabilisation Programme

Supporting state-led projects

The South Sudan Recovery Fund Round Three supports state-led initiatives in Eastern Equatoria, Jonglei, Lakes and Warrap states to improve stabilization and security at the state and community levels and expand delivery of basic services. Projects include construction of county headquarters, courts, police stations, reservoirs (locally known as haffirs), roads, and a state radio station.


(1)  Eastern Equatoria State Stabilization Programme (EESP)

  • Rehabilitation of Lobira-Chahari-Lotome-Kikilei-Lotukei-Kanangok Road: Rehabilitation work is ongoing.
  • Four County Headquarters and One Prison Complex: On 14 January 2011, the Eastern Equatoria State Government confirmed the following four counties as the locations for constructing and equipping county headquarters: (1) Kapoeta South, (2) Kapoeta North, (3) Lopa/Lafon and (4) Magwi. Four county headquarters have been completed.  Construction of prison complex in Kapoeta North is ongoing.
  • Four Haffirs, One Water Filtration Unit & Six Boreholes: On 14 January 2011, the Eastern Equatoria State Government confirmed the following counties for constructing the haffirs and boreholes: (1) two haffirs and four boreholes in Kapoeta North County, and (2) two haffirs, two boreholes and a water filtration unit in Kapoeta East County.

 (2) Jonglei Stabilization Programme (JSP)

  • State-Managed Radio Station: Construction of the main radio station is ongoing in Jonglei.
  • Akobo-Pochalla Road: The construction of the road commenced in March 2011 and is on-going

(3)  Lakes State Stabilization Programme (LSSP)

  • Karich-Poloich-Amok-Piny-Panyijar and Aluakluak-Akuoc-Cok Road: Construction commenced in May 2011 and is ongoing.
  • Four Haffirs and 16 Boreholes: 16 boreholes in Cuiebet, Rumbek Central and Rumbek North counties have been completed. Construction of haffirs is ongoing.
  • Public Administration Buildings: In January 2011, the Lakes State Government confirmed the construction of seven county courts, five payam police stations and two county police stations. The county court in Rumbek Central has been certified and handed over to the state government. The remaining public administration buildings are substantially completed.

(4)  Warrap State Stabilization Programme (LSSP)

  • Warrup-Akop-Pakur-Mashraar Road: Construction work is ongoing.
  • Construction of four police stations: For police stations in Tonj East, Tonj North and Twic Counties, construction work has been completed and procurement of generator, furniture and other equipment is in process. For a police station in Gogrial East County, construction work is ongoing and procurement of generator, furniture and other equipment is in process.
  • Construction of two haffirs and four boreholes: Four boreholes have been completed and are used by the communities.
  • Assessment and rehabilitation of existing Warrap radio communication infrastructure: Rehabilitation of the radio communication infrastructure is ongoing.  

Project Overview
Project name
South Sudan Recovery Fund Round III: Small Grants Mechanism
Project start date
1 October 2009
Estimated end date
August 2013
Geographic coverage
Eastern Equatoria
UNDAF outcome
Outcome 4: Violence is reduced and community security improved
Focal point
Amanuel Gebremedhin
Team Leader
Conflict Prevention and Recovery Unit
Jonglei State Steering Committee
Lakes State Steering Committee
Eastern Equatoria Steering Committee
United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)
World Food Programme (WFP)
PACT Sudan
South Sudan Recovery Fund (SSRF)
Budget (2012)
USD 10,044,958