Support to Legal Education and Research


The project will support the University of Juba College of Law (UJCL) to achieve its mission of laying a strong foundation for a united, peaceful and prosperous society. This is based on knowledge, justice, equality, respect for human rights and the rule of law, premised on access to legal education and knowledge. It is aimed at physical infrastructure development and building institutional capacity at the University of Juba.


  • Initial technical drawings and details for construction work of the College of Law have been drafted and are under review.
  • Capacity of UJ Resident Engineer has been enhanced by sourcing of external engineering support.
  • List of books for procurement were compiled and are currently under review.
  • A curriculum review committee was established and a review process is ongoing. Curriculum review consultations and a workshop is planned to finalize the revised curriculum for the College of Law.


Donor name Contributing Amount
Norway 5,000,000 USD
USA 1,500,000 USD

Delivery in last fiscal year

Year Total amount delivered
2011 $2,234,228.88
2010 $285,289.09
Project Overview
Project start date:
December 2010
Estimated end date:
December 2012
Geographic coverage:
Focus Area:
Democratic Governance
Project Officer:
Thusitha Pilapitiya
University of Juba