IGAD Regional Capacity Enhancement Initiative

Building capacities to deliver more efficient services

This initiative will support the Government of South Sudan (GoSS) to place 200 civil servants from IGAD Member States on secondment with GoSS to mentor and coach the South Sudanese civil servants.  These seconded civil servants will serve as a form of rapid capacity enhancement support to strengthen the institutional capacity of GoSS institutions to deliver services.


  • Consultations with Ministry of Labour and Public Service with participating ministries and institutions to identify critical areas of human resource needs that will be supported by IGAD Regional Initiative Project.
  • A comprehensive roster of 200 potential civil servants has been developed, complete with relevant job descriptions.
  • UNDP facilitated 4 Ministerial visits to Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia to seek support for the project. Formal commitment is now pledged to the Government of South Sudan by the three participating Governments.
  • A 3 day workshop was held with all state Ministers of Labour and Public Service and their respective Director Generals and chaired by the Government of South Sudan (GOSS) Vice President. The workshop was held to brief the state Ministers on the purpose of the IGAD Project.
  • An orientation programme took place for visiting civil servants developed by GOSS Ministry of Labor and Public Service in consultation with the three participating IGAD Member States.
  • UNDP supported the introduction and familiarization trip made to Kenya and Ethiopia by senior GoSS Ministry of Labour and Public Service officials to the Kenyan School of Governance and the Ethiopia Civil Service College, two civil servants training institutions.


Donor name Contributing amount
Norway 6,693,543 USD

Delivery in last fiscal year

Year Total amount delivered
2011 3,550,002 USD
2010 23, 910 USD
Project Overview
Project start date:
September 2010
Estimated end date:
December 2012
Geographic coverage:
All ten states of South Sudan
Focus Area:
Democratic Governance
Project Officer:
Richard Mugeke, Programme Specialist arike.james@undp.org
Government of Southern Sudan Ministry of Labour and Public Service