Closed Projects - Democratic Governance

  • Support to Office of the PresidentSupport to Office of the PresidentUNDP's Support to the Office of the President project assisted the office of the GoSS President in developing its functional capacity.

  • Support to the JudiciarySupport to the JudiciaryThe project was designed to develop existing structures and establish new ones to increase judiciary efficiency and provide a foundation for good governance, constitutional rights observance and sustainable development through knowledge sharing and knowledge transfer.

  • Support to the Ministry of Legal Affairs and Constitutional DevelopmentSupport to the Ministry of Legal Affairs and Constitutional DevelopmentThe mandate of MoLACD is to provide legal and advisory services to the Government of South Sudan to establish legal administrations in each of the ten states.

  • Support to Police and PrisonsSupport to Police and PrisonsThe project's main objective is to restore a quarter of the network of police stations and central prisons in South Sudan, and focus on institutional capacity building through technical advice, mentoring and on-the-job training.

  • IGAD Regional Capacity Enhancement InitiativeIGAD Regional Capacity Enhancement InitiativeThis initiative will support the Government of South Sudan (GoSS) to place 200 civil servants from IGAD Member States on secondment with GoSS to mentor and coach the South Sudanese civil servants.

  • Support to Legal Education and ResearchSupport to Legal Education and ResearchThe project will support the University of Juba College of Law (UJCL) to achieve its mission of laying a strong foundation for a united, peaceful and prosperous society. This is based on knowledge, justice, equality, respect for human rights and the rule of law, premised on access to legal education and knowledge. It is aimed at physical infrastructure development and building institutional capacity at the University of Juba.

  • Support to DecentralisationThe Programme includes UNDP supporting the Government of South Sudan’s efforts to strengthen decentralized governance in Republic of South Sudan (RSS), as envisioned in the Transitional Constitution, Local Government Act (LGA) and the South Sudan Development Plan (SSDP -2011-2013).

  • Support to Development Planning and Public Financial ManagementThis project is to support all three levels of government (national, state and county) to implement a poverty-sensitive development agenda by building its capacity for evidence-based planning, budgeting, programme execution, resource mobilization and allocation, and ensure sound accounting of internal and external resources.

  • Support to AccountabilityThe expected outcome is a decrease of incidence of impunity for corrupt actions and an increased accountability for, and transparency in the use of public resources.