South Sudan Recovery Fund

Since the end of the civil war in 2005, humanitarian support has continued to constitute the bulk of international assistance delivered to South Sudan. This focus on humanitarian relief created a gap in sustainable development initiatives. The Government and development partners therefore decided to establish the Sudan Recovery Fund – South Sudan. Launched in 2008, the fund aims to deliver peace dividends through high-impact infrastructure projects, and through support to livelihoods in each of the 10 states. It is currently in the third round of funding, under UNDP’s management.

Focus areas

  • Consolidating peace and security
  • Delivering basic services
  • Stabilizing livelihoods
  • Building capacity for decentralized and democratic governance
vocational training graduates

South Sudan Recovery Fund:  Round One - Livelihoods and Recovery

The first round of funding supported a group of NGOs working across all 10 states of South Sudan on improving agro-pastoral activities, increasing access to markets and skills, water, sanitation and child protection initiatives, and supporting civil society organizations and local authorities.

South Sudan Recovery Fund:  Round Two - Small Grants

Round two funding provided small grants to 69 community based organizations working in the areas of agriculture, education and water and sanitation. This round took advantage of the reach of community based organizations into remote areas to extend the provision of basic services like boreholes and schools and to launch small scale farming projects. It also built the capacity of local organizations through training in project and financial management.

water haffir construction

South Sudan Recovery Fund:  Round Three- State Stabilisation Programme

Round three switched the focus to state stabilization, supporting state-led projects that aim to improve security and increase the delivery of basic services. Projects in Eastern Equatoria, Lakes, Jonglei and Warrap states include the construction of boreholes, county headquarters, courts, police stations, reservoirs, roads, and a state radio station.

Administrative Agent Role

Under Delegation of Authority from the Executive Coordinator of the Multi Donor Trust Fund Office UNDP administers the SRF SS on behalf of the Government of South Sudan and the UN. For more information please see:

Multidonor Trustfund Office Gateway
Management Agent Role

As Participating UN Organization to the SRF SS, the UNDP Country Office manages access to National and International NGO to pool funds, through grant agreements in NGO execution modality, under the directives of the Steering Committee chaired by GOSS.

Technical Secretariat Support

UNDP/Resident Coordinator Office hosts the Technical Secretariats in support of the Steering Committee for the SRF SS. The role of UNDP/RCSO Technical Secretariats is to provide appropriate and timely advice, technical assistance and support on matters of policy, prioritization and allocation of resources.

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