Fund Management

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Providing assistance for South Sudan's recovery

In South Sudan, UNDP provides programme and operational services to partner UN agencies, Government, civil society organizations, non-governmental organizations, and donors.  Through its fund management service, UNDP is the lead agency in administering pooled funding from various donors providing operational support for programme resource management, and ensuring accordance with financial and accounting rules and regulations. The fund management services respond to country-level demands and adhere to the Secretary General’s UN reform plan, which places UNDP in a central position to coordinate and provide coherence to all United Nations activities in the country.

UNDP’s fund management services are also in line with the strategic goals of the Multi-Year Funding Framework 2004-2007, specifically the fourth core goal regarding the support of crisis prevention and recovery. This particular goal stresses the importance of “special initiatives for countries in transition” that are designed to help countries such as South Sudan recover from long-running conflict and avoid relapsing into crisis. The fund management services delivered by UNDP under this goal help mitigate the risks and effects of crisis situations, enabling the country to advance toward the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

UNDP South Sudan Managed Funds

1.  South Sudan Recovery Fund

UNDP is the Administrative Agent of SSRF, which disburses funding to bridge the gap between the short-term emergency/humanitarian aid and longer-term development assistance.  

2.  South Sudan Common Humanitarian Fund

UNDP administers the CHF, which provides rapid financing for humanitarian actions, to partner UN agencies, the Red Cross, and both international and national non-governmental humanitarian agencies.