Sudan Recovery Fund Newsletter Volume 2, Issue 2

Published 22 Jun 2010


In 2009, the Steering Committee of the Sudan Recovery Fund South Sudan endorsed a Small Grants Program (SGP) to provide funding to national non-governmental and community based organizations (NGOs and CBOs) in the second phase of the Fund. The Small Grants Program aimed to increase the capacity of national NGOs and CBOs to enable them to participate fully in the development and reconstruction of South Sudan.  This newsletter discusses (1) Sudan Recovery Fund Round 1 project successes pertaining to agriculture and livestock, vocational training and micro-financing, water provision and child protection, (2) USAID’s Conflict Reduction Initiative: the Akobo model, whose strategy has been to develop an array of interlinked, rapid response conflict mitigation activities.  These involve enhancing the capacity and reach of local government and traditional authorities, expanding employment and training opportunities for at-risk youth and promoting active civic engagement in support of conflict reduction. (3) A resilient female-led household.

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