• South Sudan Integrated Crisis Prevention and Recovery ProgrammeSouth Sudan Integrated Crisis Prevention and Recovery Programme

  • Fast Facts: Crisis in South SudanFast Facts: Crisis in South SudanIn South Sudan, the world’s youngest nation, violence, which began in mid-December 2013, continues to cause chaos. People in South Sudan face urgent humanitarian and development needs. It is estimated that more than 800,000 people had been displaced from their homes by late February 2014. Thousands have been killed or wounded in the fighting. Hundreds of thousands have lost livelihoods and access to basic services. Around 3.7 million South Sudanese are facing acute food insecurity and this number is likely to increase if the crisis continues and farm outputs remain affected. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in South Sudan has continued to operate in spite of the current crisis, supporting national, state and local governments to deliver development services, as well as community security and stabilization for at-risk communities.

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  • Social Cash Transfers FactsheetThe years of war in South Sudan have left much of the population in deep poverty, and the challenge of independence is to make a difference to the lives of the poor.

  • Rule of Law FactsheetDuring the interim period of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, signed in 2005 to end two decades of civil war in Sudan, UNDP worked closely with the Government of Southern Sudan to strengthen the rule of law as a cornerstone of lasting peace. It is now also one of the key tenets of the successful formation of the new Republic of South Sudan.

  • Millennium Development Goals FactsheetIn South Sudan, as part of advancing an inclusive growth agenda, UNDP advocated for key development priorities towards the attainment of the MDGs and human development to be incorporated in the first ever South Sudan Development Plan. The Plan will form the basis of Government budgeting and donor programming over the next three years.

  • Community Security Factsheet40 years of conflict in the past six decades have left South Sudan with very little infrastructure and a people deprived of education and livelihood opportunities for many years. The Government was unable to deliver services or security to most of the population, many of whom live in rural areas. As a result, many of these areas remain isolated, insecure and poor. The Government has also had little experience of reaching out to and responding to the needs of its people.

  • Capacity Building FactsheetThe success of the new Government of South Sudan will depend on its ability to deliver basic services in an environment of security and the rule of law. This means the Government must manage its finances, prepare budgets, and ensure public money is spent according to approved plans. This is very difficult in the current circumstances. Existing Government personnel are limited in numbers and have a lack of capacity in many areas of civil service expertise.

Global Fund Annual Report
UNDP Global Fund Grants 2010

The main focus in 2010 was in strengthening capacity of national institutions to take the lead in programme management and implementation. The report highlights the successes of the six grants managed by UNDP on behalf of the people and Government of South Sudan, underlines the challenges encountered during the implementation stage, and charts a way forward.

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UNDP's Global Annual Report
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UNDP's annual report looks back at progress over the past fiscal year and looks ahead as the 2015 deadline for the Millennium Development Goals approaches.

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