Lakes State County Consultation Summary

Published 10 Dec 2009


In 2010 the Community Security and Arms Control team at UNDP supported the government in undertaking consultations in more than half of the counties in South Sudan.  The consultations were in many cases the first time these communities had had any interaction with government. It gave people from a broad cross-section of the community – women, elders, youth included – a chance to voice their concerns about security issues and to propose solutions. This document summarizes consultations which took place in the Lakes State county from 10 November- 5 December 2009.  The focus was on linking the government to the people. The goal was to try to reduce insecurity by encouraging those affected by it to come up with their own solutions to tackle it.  This Summary Report presents a synthesis of this work. It highlights key findings in the first section but also includes county‐specific issues and priorities in the last.

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