Eastern Equatoria County Consultation Summary

Published 15 May 2010


In 2010 the Community Security and Arms Control team at UNDP supported the government in undertaking consultations in more than half of the counties in South Sudan.  The consultations were in many cases the first time these communities had had any interaction with government. It gave people from a broad cross-section of the community – women, elders, youth included – a chance to voice their concerns about security issues and to propose solutions.  This document is a summary of consultations which took place in Eastern Equatoria County during the period of 1 March-10 May 2010. It highlights key findings and identifies key sources of insecurity within each county, allowing the consulation team to pull from the data and community input to formulate
new solutions which might prevent security issues and conflict before they begin. Through the unique methodology of the county consultation process, grassroots opinions can now be incorporated into larger government initiatives.

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