Eastern Equatoria: Community Consultation

19 Jul 2012


Consultations done in Eastern Equatoria in March – April 2010 aimed to determine the causes of conflict and develop action plans that would address these issues, as prioritised by members themselves.
Specifically, the consultations aimed to:
- Identify key insecurity concerns affecting community members with a focus on key priorities in addressing and mitigating insecurity;
- Provide information on the trends and levels of community insecurity and conflict in a regional state;
- Identify components of a wider peacebuilding and stabilisation framework for the regional state;
- Identify priority areas based on consultation with local communities, which can then feed into the eventual state planning process; and
- Form Local Steering Committees (LSCs) in each county to oversee the implementation of identified conflict-sensitive projects.

    Eastern Equatoria Community Consultation Report