Weekly Media Economic Digest 2nd-9th June 2016

published 05 Jun 2016

IMF Urges Fiscal Restraint in South Sudan as Inflation Soars; South Sudan TV goes off air; MTN Cuts Jobs, Scratch cards to Survive South Sudan Crisis; Sudan: South Sudan Expresses Readiness to Copy the Experience of Made in Sudan and to
Operate Sugar Factories in South Sudan; Trade Mark East Africa targets $1b for infrastructural projects; 2016/2017 budget short of $1.1b – IMF; IMF calls for help to alleviate worsening economic crisis in South Sudan; S. Sudan losing twice its tax collections on imports; Gov’t to revise IMF economic reforms; S. Sudan's forest cover shrinks by 1.5 pct annually: UNEP official; Trade between Rumbek Centre and Panyijar resumes. 

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