Weekly Media Economic Digest 24th - 30th June 2016

published 29 Jun 2016

Prices of Commodities Continue To Soar In Eastern Equatoria Region; Inflation drives up interest rates, cost of business in S. Sudan; Fuel shortage hits Western Lakes capital; Central Bank says Peace and more dollars crucial to redeem the economy; Economy may collapse without correction; Juba-Bor Road Rehabilitation Plans Underway; Economic Crisis: There Are No Easy Answers; Tanzania, Kenya and South Sudan Road Corridor to undergo Rehabilitation; South Sudan independence celebration cancelled due to economic crisis; News Analysis: South Sudan needs sound macro-economic policy to tackle crisis: experts; Why South Sudan-Uganda border demarcation stalled; South Sudan facing unrest over delayed salaries; South Sudan announces plans to restart oilfields shut in by violence in 2013; Why the Stakes Are So High for China in South Sudan; Huge ivory bust in South Sudan - goods headed for Malaysia; $1.8 billion earmarked for roads.

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