How the UNSCR1325 can help women in South Sudan?

25 Nov 2016

Much as both men and women suffer during armed conflict, the impact of conflict is felt differently and, therefore, diverse interventions are required to address the various needs of men and women in conflict-affected areas. Women often experience more horrific atrocities and injustices in comparison to their male counterparts. Women become targets of gender-based violence, with sexual violence used as a weapon of war, as a means of subjugation and humiliation, as a form of torture to inflict injury, to extract information and to destroy communities. Under UNSCR 1325, the Security Council reinforces the fact that in all armed conflicts women should not just be looked at as helpless victims of war and violence, but they should be fully recognized as having active and critical roles as peacebuilders, politicians, community leaders and activists and should be actively involved in all peace resolution and reconstruction processes.

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