Our Funding and Delivery

UNDP’s development work and its support to South Sudan, puts partnership at the heart of our work. A great deal of UNDP’s innovative programming and critical development work is made possible thanks to the generosity, commitment and resolve of our donors and partner institutions.

The funding UNDP receives from its donors is channelled directly towards programming that strengthens the capacity of national bodies to manage the peace and development process.

UNDP’s donors – Canada, the Netherlands, Norway and the UK to name just a few – do not only contribute financially; they are an integral part of the decision-making process. UNDP works directly with its national and international partners on all aspects of project formulation, implementation and monitoring.

Regular project board meetings, an Inter-Ministerial Approval Committee and annual reviews of UNDP’s South Sudan programme ensure that all our partners are engaged with projects and able to evaluate UNDP’s activities and achievements across various sectors.

Major Contributions - 2015

South Sudan CHF 63,769,880
GFATM 19,438,538.12
Norway 4,576,310.78
Japan 3,831,081.13
DFID 3,605,728.85
UNDP Global 3,151,694
Netherlands 3,120,129.3
UNDP BPPS 2,321,084
SIDA 1,403,962.18
GEF 464,117.44
Other 405,517
UNMISS 248,171.1
CIDA 245,825.43
Peace Building Fund 219,182.55
Denmark 104,916.5
Switzerland 97,716.65
USA 42,614.91
TOTAL 107,046,469.94

Utilisation by programing area - 2015

Total: 107,046,470

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